Token of the Wreckage, (cover), Illustration: David Ball ©2011. Design: Akira Kimata

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Anchorage Daily News, Life and Health section cover, Vexed by Hiccups, 06/11/02

Red Herring, An Apple a Day?, Pg. 35, 06/97

Chicago Tribune, Jobs section cover, Future Work, 08/20/00

Network Magazine, Internet-based VPNs: Business or Cattle Class, Pg. 54, 07/02

Chicago Tribune, Friday: A Weekly Guide cover, The Lair of the Witch Projects, 10/08/99

the Progressive, Nuclear Burial in the Pacific, Pgs. 32-33, 11/97

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X-FUNS Magazine: No 2, 2002, Pgs. 34-41
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