Circumstances being what they are in the global social climate, I've made a handful of war related works over the past decade or so. I've collected them  together here. 

In the wake of the events of September 11, 2001, I like so many others was left left in a foggy haze as to what had transpired. The images of the towers were shown and shown  ad nauseam. When contacted by Tikkun to create back cover art that related to these events, rather than seeking reference, I worked from memory, hoping to capture a greater sense of how I felt.

Wake, David Ball ©2011. 22"x29",  No longer available

Just as Operation Infinite Justice was renamed Operation Enduring Freedom, so the name of "the enemy" was swapped from Osama Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein. In February of 2003, The Bush administration made its case to the United Nations Security Council for the invasion of Iraq. I listened to the NPR broadcasts morning to night throughout these events and as I worked on this triptych.
Itch (triptych), David Ball ©2011, triptych

Itch (left panel), David Ball ©2011,  22"x29"

Itch (triptych- middle panel), David Ball ©2011, 22"x29"

Itch (triptych- right panel), David Ball ©2011, 22"x29"

In March of 2003, as images of the invasion of Baghdad overwhelmed my television screen like a Hollywood action film, I worked on the image Con. In the image, a brutal force marches through through pools of blood and oil. As protesters march, colonizers wait, and sheep blindly watch on. 
Con, David Ball ©2003
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